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Difference Between Maritime, Freight, and Supply Chain

To the uninitiated (which comprised me at one stage), these enterprises are the same or identical and it might arrive that there is no difference between Maritime, Shipping, Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain.

But once you are involved in the industry or understand about these businesses, you will very soon comprehend that these are very various enterprises with various workings, aids, architecture, and requirements for very different sets of capabilities, knowledge, aptitude, knowledge and behaviors

In this essay let’s unload the disparity between Maritime, Shipping, Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain and how it is all affiliated, beginning with some easy descriptions of these periods.

supply chain


Maritime Industry

Anything pertained to the sea, ocean, ships, navigation of ships from point A to point B, mariners, ship owning and different related trainings.

Shipping Business

The ordinance of wagons of cargo from point A to point using the ships which plummet under the Maritime enterprise.


The cargo that is carried taking the shipping assistance given by the shipping lines wielding the ships which plummet under the Maritime industry.

Logistics Services

The procedures involved in getting the freight from the factories depot to the receiver’s depot including organizing for shipping services. Extended by the shipping cables using the ships which plummet under the Maritime enterprise.

Supply Chain

The entire granddaddy procedure comprises all facets in a commodity cycle.
For example, from grabbing the fruit at a farm in Point A to transmitting the fruit to the ledge at a stock in Point B using all of the above-remembered businesses, industries and services.

Maritime Industry

It is reasonable to say that Maritime Transportation has been and however remains the nerve of worldwide trade and has been so since the Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Romans, Indians, Arabs, Europeans. All began sailing and improvising the sailing techniques from shows, sailboats,dragon boats,long boats, steamships to the current ULCVs, VLOCs, VLCCs etc.

Maritime transportation is a derived appetite whose main goal is to benefit trade, business and commerce – whether domestic or global, whether shipment or people.

An approximate 89.5% of global trade is transmitted by sea. As per UNCTAD figures.
In 2016, world seaborne exchange attained a volume of 10.3 billion tons with a predicted development of 3.2% between 2017 and 2022.

The expansion, numbers and the quantity problematic makes the maritime enterprise one of the greatly globalized enterprises in the world in periods of possession and systems.

Not just in phrases of possession, the Maritime enterprise also furnishes assistance for approximately 1.65 million seafarers operating in the global merchant fleet around the world

Shipping Business

As briefly interpreted above, Shipping is the ordinance of carriage of cargo from degree A to point utilizing the ships which fall under the Maritime enterprise.

Cargoes are transmitted by several types of ships all around the world, extremely as:Dry Bulk Carriers,Oil Tankers,Container Carriers ,General Cargo Carriers,Chemical Tankers,Gas Carriers. Offshore Vessels, Ro-Ro ships, Ferries/Passenger Ships, and others.

Freight Industry

Several of us in the business relate to freight as “money”. Freight is what the whole global trade fluctuates around, but also has a various meaning to wealth. In easy terms, FREIGHT pertains to CARGO that is transmitted by transportation (ship, road, rail, air) in trade for marketable increas

In the context of water freight, it implies to the cargo that is transmitted employing the shipping assistance required by the shipping cords using the ships which plummet under the Maritime transport and logistics industry.

 maritime transport and logistics


The term logistics freight company is said to have arisen from the military and is said to have been originally used to interpret troop and appliance activity in the various regions of military systems

Logistics is the procedure implicated in getting the shipment from the manufacturer’s depot, point of origin, mine site, farm etc. to the receiver’s depot, store and door, etc.

The procedure of logistics actually starts way before the substantial shipment takes spot as it implicates discussing and agreeing on the delivery plans adequate to both the buyer and the deale

Once these are decided, accordingly the logistics assistance provider wants to decide on the best technique of striding the cargo from the dealer’s door to the receiver’s door.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain is the entire granddaddy process including all facets in a product cycle. For example, from grabbing the fruit at a farm in Point A to transmitting the fruit to the shelf at a stock in Point B using all of the above mentioned industries.

Supply chain implicates a system of transported, warehouses, suppliers, distribution centers, shipping lines. Logistics assistance providers all helping together from the innovation and deal of a commodity till its delivery.

Supply chain supervision is the supervision of all the supply chain in logistics trainings in formulating and running the ration chain as effectively and efficiently as feasible.

This supervision may implicate product improvement, sourcing, production, logistics, and all the networks required to organize and deliver these trainings.

As you can discern, there is an enormous discrepancy between Maritime, Shipping, Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain and we haven’t even coated the other relevant industries such as Ports, Terminals, and ICDs etc.